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Who's the sorest of them all?

Might not be me, but I wouldn't mind having my name in the running.

Mirror mirror was awesome. I love my boots. And [ profile] orionsmom's sewing. Between the new robes I'd commissioned (because acrylic is not warm) and my awesome boots of awesomeness...I was warm and dry the entire weekend. And I stomped merrily through the middle of soaked areas while everyone else pressed like sardines into increasingly wide paths around the sides.

Yes, this is the game where I'm allowed to be petty and mean in order to cover my deeper machinations.

Speaking of machinations - I didn't achieve as much on one agenda as I would've liked, but this was balanced by achieving more on two other agendas than I expected. Sadly, because of CP constraints, at least part of that success will be delayed. Because MM skills are (*&#$ing expensive and as usual, casters are more expensive than non-casters. Still, the evil finger tapping is well earned, Smithers.

Demon summoning was fun. How often to you get to say that in a sentence? Still, we learned more than I expected, mainly because we had less questions ready than I'd've liked. We just didn't know what we wanted to learn - except for obvious things that we couldn't learn from this source. "How do we kill your boss" isn't likely to get a useful response from most loyal employee types. I hope we learned more from them than they learned from us though. I guess we'll find out when the dust settles.

[ profile] jjmarika's imp being 'sent to serve' afterwards was an utterly hilarious middle finger from said employee.

In other news, I need to find a fight practice. I've skated by on NPC experience for years as an average fighter - but now that I'm actually playing a front line, face to face melee type for the first time ever...I think it may be time to get some skillz. Especially since I'm using a mace, which is not exactly a snap shot weapon.

Anyone out there have or know a practice that is feasible from the Boston area/128 loop?
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