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Its time for everyone's favorite game show: Ask the Internet!

My iPhone 3GS is on its last legs. Its slow, its buttons are often non responsive and its battery is dying (again). In addition, I'm running into software compatibility issues with my apps because its old enough to be obsolete at this point.

So the questions:
1) Do I swap from iPhone to a Google Android?
The rest of my life is on Google, and I don't have a Mac. However, all my music and my current set of apps - some of which are paid - are on iTunes. Has anyone done this platform swap, and if so how did it go for you? Is it even possible to swap platforms and keep anything?

2) Which phone do I get?
I want the top of the line in either platform to stave off having an obsolete device which generates compatibility problems as long as possible. I have that problem now, and it sucks. What do people recommend and why?

Oh internet, may your wisdom fall from the sky land in my comments section.
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Behold, some Mirror Mirror 10-word stories. I blame [ profile] gaiaturtle

"Loralon is nice to someone, Great Mirrors shatter in response"
"Stitched declare Shattered City an 'all you can eat buffet'"
"Thousand Roads meets nemesis, Thousand Tool Booths. Epic battle ensues"
"Iron Shield proposes mandatory pants law, Bedlam organizing mass protest"
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Mirror Mirror was very, very hot. And it was a good event, but an unusually mixed bag though.

This event and last changed the game's dynamic pretty majorly. Mostly it was fun. Sometimes it was a bit off in one way or another. A couple of things were flat out awesome. And Nate stabbing in the back katana style was epic. But one thing was so entirely enraging that I was knocked out of game for hours.

I'm glad my usual MO is to write PELs several days after an event, because knee jerk reactions are for jerks.
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Crossposted from G+ - which is where my LARP stuff goes thesedays. Though that means I can use my lovely Loralon avatar...

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Jun. 23rd, 2012 05:59 pm
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So, over next week + Saturday, I'm finishing off my moving process. All I need is one person to help me with my bed. Maybe my desk if they're feeling saucy. But in the end, I can't really load my mattress into my car all alone, let alone get it into the new place and up the stairs.

Is anyone free any late afternoon or evening over next week? There's ice cream in it for you...
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A list of rules for larps and tabletop! Unearthed by [ profile] bluestocking in chitchat this evening...

1) Never split up the party.
2) Never split up the party.
3) Never split up the party. DO YOU SEE A PATTERN HERE?
4) Never get into the boat.
5) Never get out of the boat.
6) There IS NO rule 6!
7) No magic item is worth your life.
7)a) Some magic items are worth someone else's life
8) Never accept the power
9) Never step into the circle
10) Never step out of the circle


Apr. 23rd, 2012 08:13 pm
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Lovely Madrigal event. Strong responses to many things, and that is what we play for right?

All hail Viscountess [ profile] mendoza!

Viscountess [ profile] silverhare is pretty awesome too.

Trelaine the Day Laborer was kinda funny, carrying massive rocks and laying them at the direction of [ profile] ravensgrace

Lots of field fights. Big, ugly mess field fights. Surprise field fights! Yay! I had under 20 focus left out of 132 when I went to bed - early - on Saturday. After skipping a mod. And then I skipped another mod Sunday.

But the Goblin Dance? The Culling of the Humans? Yeah. I've got a reply to that. Cold Iron Weaponry. Fey-bitch!
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Good morning young proto-Klee! Time for a romp in Shadowfane! I know the AEotE kept you up late...but cookies!

cute animals - It Can't Be Morning Already
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My brain had quite the cast of characters last night.

First, we were on the Madrigal site. Sortof. At night. And [ profile] silway broke his arm. [ profile] sensicalsmile was brought by a spirit of Sakal. [ profile] burkfireguy11 started tending him after we'd lashed his arm to his chest with whatever we had handy. Then [ profile] ravensgrace and I carried him on a stretched to the GrumCo cabin.

Don't ask me why.

The end.
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Who's the sorest of them all?

Might not be me, but I wouldn't mind having my name in the running.

Mirror mirror was awesome. I love my boots. And [ profile] orionsmom's sewing. Between the new robes I'd commissioned (because acrylic is not warm) and my awesome boots of awesomeness...I was warm and dry the entire weekend. And I stomped merrily through the middle of soaked areas while everyone else pressed like sardines into increasingly wide paths around the sides.

Yes, this is the game where I'm allowed to be petty and mean in order to cover my deeper machinations.

Speaking of machinations - I didn't achieve as much on one agenda as I would've liked, but this was balanced by achieving more on two other agendas than I expected. Sadly, because of CP constraints, at least part of that success will be delayed. Because MM skills are (*&#$ing expensive and as usual, casters are more expensive than non-casters. Still, the evil finger tapping is well earned, Smithers.

Demon summoning was fun. How often to you get to say that in a sentence? Still, we learned more than I expected, mainly because we had less questions ready than I'd've liked. We just didn't know what we wanted to learn - except for obvious things that we couldn't learn from this source. "How do we kill your boss" isn't likely to get a useful response from most loyal employee types. I hope we learned more from them than they learned from us though. I guess we'll find out when the dust settles.

[ profile] jjmarika's imp being 'sent to serve' afterwards was an utterly hilarious middle finger from said employee.

In other news, I need to find a fight practice. I've skated by on NPC experience for years as an average fighter - but now that I'm actually playing a front line, face to face melee type for the first time ever...I think it may be time to get some skillz. Especially since I'm using a mace, which is not exactly a snap shot weapon.

Anyone out there have or know a practice that is feasible from the Boston area/128 loop?
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of me trying to get the avatars to post.

Tonetti of 7V, Loralon of MM, and Trelaine of Madrigal )


Feb. 20th, 2012 11:10 am
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7V was a great time. Friday night I was a touch below quota with my player killing, but that was entirely because the PCs improved their ability to retreat from hopeless battles in an organized fashion. Kudos! However, I still managed to capture [ profile] marcus_sez_vote, to the consternation of [ profile] bitsyboo. The yelling, scrambling, physically restrained, picked up off her feet, and then knocked unconscious from behind consternation. I love my work.

I also helped them build a magical explosive that they had no idea what the actual result would be. And they cheerfully used it! Three cheers for magical mad science!

Then my Vortican person got set up, betrayed, jumped by 7 people, massacred and hit with the 'final chapter' perm-you skill. While his PC-love interest stared him in the face and smiled. Et tu, Serafina? Something tells me they didn't like him much...and yet, I still had the last laugh from beyond the grave - as they read the letter they found on me and realized that 1) they were kinda screwed and 2) the person who could've explained it was now permanently dead by their hands. Oops.

Then I got to let them know that [redacted] was really going to the mat to help them out and giving them stuff...and then on Sunday I could make them feel all dirty and conflicted about whether or not to return the favor. They chose not to, by the way.

And I got to wear headlights and torture people Saturday, before being driven off by the futility of our search for cleverly stolen property.

Then I was a teacher for the big bad Fallen fight - which first ran late for entirely inexplicable PC driven reasons, then was entirely relocated and my role in it was entirely rewritten (at great expense and at the very last minute). Also, the people responsible for sacking the PCs who delayed the whole three stage affair have themselves been sacked.

This battle was the scene of the most effective and well organized the PCs have staged yet to date in the entire campaign. I would've been really proud of their fleeing prowess, if they weren't running away from their allies.

And Sunday I got to try and kill the Queen [ profile] gaiaturtle. I have to say they did a great job of boiling in, swiping her right off the throne, and boiling out before I could tell that she wasn't there to get hit anymore. So, since we had 2 fallen, we chased them for a bit. Then I was done! And went back to camp to see if I could figure out how to turn the blocks of pain on the ends of my ankles back into something resembling the mythical objects called "feet".

All in all, a good time :)


Feb. 14th, 2012 11:26 am
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Happy Valentine's Day!

Not quite what you thought it'd be, eh?
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epic win photos - WIN!: Mother Nature FTW: Blue Ice Cave, Iceland
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Free Anime!

Feb. 1st, 2012 02:57 pm
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My roommate likes to see things given away rather than thrown out, and she managed to get her hands on a slew on anime VHS tapes - and has passed them to me since I know more people who like it.

So - here is what I have to get rid of. All are on VHS tape and I have no idea beyond that.

Here is Green Wood - v 1,2,3 (3 tapes)
Zeguy - parts 1&2
The Dagger of Ka Mui
Demon City Shinjuku
Devil Hunter Yohko - parts 2&3
Cyborg 009 - Legend of the Super Galaxy
Doomed Megapolis - the Battle for Tokyo (labeled 'not for kids)
Grappler Baki - the Ultimate Fighter
Akai Hayate - volume 1
Wicked City - (apparently also should be called Hentai...and Terrible)

Count Down Conjoined - Erotic Fantasies in the Key of C (Yeah this looks like hentai)

Plus 'Go Johnny Go' - 17 great hits of the 1950s across 10 great rock and roll stars. Obviously not anime.
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William Shakespeare

To be, or not to be: that is the lawbard.

Which work of Shakespeare was the original quote from?

Get your own quotes:

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Yesterday I went to Arisia for the day. Got off to a banner start by going to the wrong hotel first. For some reason I thought it was still at the Ziggurat on the Charles. Oops!

Still, it was fun. I got to see the people I was seeking, including [ profile] rigel and [ profile] brynndragon And then went to late night panels with [ profile] eisa on boot blacking, and this year in bad science. The latter was particularly hysterical (and pathetic) - it was a year end review of the year's worst offenses of bad science masquerading as good science.

Also, found [ profile] anakinarch as Zeetha at the Higgins Armor demonstration of Girl Genius fighting styles. Yes, Zeetha's swords have an actual style that they can be used in, as demonstrated by A. Thorne. Its Indian, btw. And Mr. Foglio came to that, and thus was the authority on the pronunciation of Skifander. Its a short i. Clang!

And now, for [ profile] silverhare the smallest frog in the world. I hope Numina went swimmingly down there!

cute animals - The World's Smallest Vertebrate
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Caw Caw!

Jan. 8th, 2012 12:46 pm
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So, what does it say about you that after watching 3/4ths of The Stand on a lazy Saturday morning/afternoon...that the strongest impression you're left with is what a beautiful and well trained cast of crows?

(I for one welcome our avian overlords...)
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Pics or it didn't happen!

cute animals - Acting Like Animals: We Need This For Evidence, Ma'am
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We love Doctor Who...

I myself grew up on the 4th and 5th Doctors. I've seen black and white episodes of the 1st Doctor, and some episodes of the 3rd and 6th also. Saw the 5-Doctor anniversary episode, which rocked.

And now I've seen the first 5 seasons of the new Doctor Who - and love it! Though I am yet to see anything out of Season 6, so don't spoil it for me!

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